There is nothing more enchanting than sailboats. A sailing tour will take you to far out remote places where you will see amazing animals in their natural habitat. A true nautical experience and sense of adventure are ingredients of these Sailing Galapagos Cruises.

Each boat on this page has been chosen for its impeccable safety, comfort and its itineraries that will carry you to remote and awesome locations, accompanied by a friendly and experienced crew.


S/S Mary Anne – Galapagos Sailing Ship

Become a master of navigation aboard the three-masted Mary Anne. She is an impressive vessel with 1,000 m2 canvas sails that will sweep you majestically across the waves. Perfect to navigate with the stars and with dolphins and whales swimming alongside.

S/C Nemo II - Galapagos Sail Catamaran

The Nemo II is a unique modern boat that mixes classic and contemporary features. A small but still comfortable and charming ship enjoyable for only 14 passengers, this vessel lets you travel through the Galapagos with the stability of a catamaran and the grace of a sailboat.

S/C Nemo I - Galapagos Sailing Catamaran

Perfect for giving inexperienced sailors their first taste of maritime adventure. This is one economic option to sail the Galapagos Islands.

With more than 30 years of experience in Ecuador, Andando Tours is an expert operator of tailor made itineraries. We curate the most in depth and exclusive experiences on our Galapagos cruises, with our signature attention to comfort and detail.

Charter your luxury Galapagos cruise

Private charters allow us to offer services not included on a normal cruise within the restrictions imposed by the national park authorities: professional photographer, on-board masseuse, specialty chef, weddings and honeymoons are among the most frequent requests.

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